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Weddings: How to Smooth Out the Rough Patches

Smoothing Out the Rough Spots (Photo credit:  Kevin N. Murphy on flickr)

Smoothing Out the Rough Spots
(Photo credit: Kevin N. Murphy on flickr)

Weddings come in all shapes and sizes, but no matter how large or small, fancy or simple they may be, there are two  things you can count on:  there will be chaotic moments, and emotions will run high.  Here are some wise tips about how to smooth out the rough patches and stay on point without hurting anyone’s feelings.

Planning a Wedding? How to Smooth Out the Rough Patches

Here is a quick guide to some of the most common wedding etiquette dilemmas:

The over-enthusiastic mother/mother-in-law-to-be.

Difficult family situations and interfering mothers can add pressure to an already tricky process, and the run up to your dream day is often extremely stressful.

Allocate both the mothers a special job — this may be allowing them to help with the flowers, or research wedding car options. Let them feel involved and part of the process, and you should be able to restrain the meddling!

The question of ‘plus ones’.

Just like the wedding budget, there is never enough space on the guest list to invite everyone. It is natural that on such a special occasion you want include all your friends and family, so make sure you prioritise your guest list to include those who really matter.

There will be plenty of people on the list who have other halves, many of which you may not know very well. Don’t feel obliged to include a ‘plus one’ for everyone — do you want to look back at your photos and see people you don’t recognize? Remember that every person you invite uses up a ceremony seat and some of the budget and, therefore, limits who else you can invite.

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Etiquette guidelines and good time management skills come in very handy when planning a wedding. If  you manage your own time effectively you can not only be available to personally smooth out the rough patches when necessary, you will also be more relaxed while doing it.

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