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Weddings and Social Media Trends

Weddings and Social Media Trends
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New technology means new ways of doing things and weddings are no exception. With tablets and smartphones becoming so popular  it’s not surprising to find that brides are taking advantage of the many apps, tools and programs available to them. The bridal party and the guests can also interact with the bride and groom through social media and personal wedding blogs. ran these tips and  social media trends for brides to help them get started.

Weddings and Social Media Trends

The wedding industry doesn’t like change. Not doing a bouquet toss? Shocking. Don’t feel like wearing white? How dare you. Macaroon cake? Pssh. So even after smartphones and social networking have transformed our lives, they’ve only just begun appearing at American nuptials. “The reality is that the wedding celebration now occurs far beyond just where the bride and groom are present,” says Cathleya Schroeckenstein, editor-in-chief of, who points to Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter as the latest guests at this season’s ceremonies. So, to that cousin who’s showing too much cleavage? Consider yourself one-upped (and, while you’re at it, hide from those camera phones.) Here’s what’s trending next.

1. Old: Wedding website. New: Wedding app.

“Three years ago, it was a faux pas to send any piece of the wedding invite electronically,” Schroeckenstein says. Then came the glut of JessandRuss.coms and KellyLovesBrandon.coms. Now, couples can make wedding apps using Appy Couple or Wedding Party (both are in beta). Guests download these to get the history of the couple, details and maps for the event, plus a place to post their own photos and comments —basically, everything but the invitation. “There’s very few people who will be okay with non-paper wedding invites,” Schrockenstin says.

More fun for: The bride and groom.

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The only thing that worries me about weddings and social media trends is that not everyone is connected and some people may miss out on important information being passed along. Both the bride and groom are responsible for making sure all those who for whatever reason do not use the internet, receive updates are informed by phone or other method of communication.

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