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Wedding Videography: 4 Tips for the Groom

Wedding Videography Tips for the Groom (Photo Credit:  _e.t on flickr)

Wedding Videography Tips for the Groom
(Photo Credit: _e.t on flickr)

For the men out there, your wedding day is one of the few occasions where you can give yourself more room to be vain. The video camera captures everything, and you want to make sure that you are equally as radiant as your bride.

There are many tips out there to help grooms look their best on their wedding video, but everything can be summed up with this one statement – everyday habits don’t apply.

1)  Empty Your Pockets:  For example, it’s normal for men to dump everything into their pockets.  On your wedding day, your pockets should be absolutely empty.  Bulging pockets ruin the immaculate look of a well-tailored suit.  Leave your mobile phone and your wallet in your hotel room.  If you must bring these things, ask your mom or your sister to put them in their clutch.

2)  No Hands in Your Pockets:  Speaking of pockets, don’t put your hand inside your pockets. And that goes for your groomsmen as well.  Again, this will disrupt that clean flow of your suit and will make you look slouchy.  Even if you’re having a laid-back, more casual ceremony, putting your hands inside your pockets is a wedding videography no-no.

3)  Just a Hint of Makeup?  As mentioned, this is the day when you are allowed to be extra “pretty.”  The typical man will refuse makeup any day, but you have to consider making an exception on your wedding day.  Don’t worry, you won’t be emasculated, and it won’t show in person.  A tinted moisturizer or a light foundation will suffice.  The goal is just to make your skin complexion more even for a cleaner look.  Remember, the camera is unforgiving and can amplify whatever flaw you might have.

4)  Let Your Emotions Show:  Lastly, don’t hold back on your emotions.  It’s a given that men are more emotionally reserved than women, but forget all about these conventions on your wedding day.  Park the “Boys Don’t Cry” mentality for a day.  Let the tears flow.  Let your excitement show.  Whatever it is you’re feeling, feel free to express it.  When you watch your wedding video, this unabashed show of emotions is what will make it special and what will transport you back to that special moment with your bride time and time again.

Do you agree with these wedding videography tips for the groom?  Do you have any additional suggestions?  Let us know in the comments below.

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