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Touching Radio Proposal

Now here’s a special twist for a marriage proposal.

A listener of the Bobby Bones Show, the nationally syndicated country music radio program from Nashville, organized an on-air proposal to his girlfriend, Marisa.  Marisa is a huge fan of Kip Moore’s hit single, “Hey Pretty Girl.”  Brandon called the Bobby Bones Show and asked if they could bring Kip Moore into the studio to serenade his girlfriend in person.

After the serenade, Bobby asked Brandon to take the mike.  Brandon dropped to one knee and popped the question.

Watch the video for Marisa’s reaction.



The proposal left Bobby’s co-host, Amy, speechless and in tears.

Brandon told Bobby,

You have no idea how much I appreciate it.  I mean, I knew it was a long shot.

Do you think Marisa knew what was going on when she walked into the studio?

What sort of proposals do you think are the most romantic?  How did your fiance propose?  Leave us a comment and tell us your own proposal story.  We’d love to hear it!

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