Top 5 Ways to Wow Your Wedding Guests


Wow Your Wedding Guests — even the little ones!
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Your wedding day is a fabulous opportunity to show your guests just how much you appreciate them and how much they mean to you.  But in the midst of all the planning, how do you fit in those details that will really wow your guests?

Huffington Post suggests 12 excellent, but simple, ideas for wowwing your wedding guests.  All the ideas are really good, but there are five that we especially love.  Here are our top 5 favorites:

1.  Something Special for Non-Drinkers:  For non-drinkers at your wedding, provide some fun and tasty, but non-alcoholic, “mocktails.”  You could even post the ingredients on a chalkboard near the bar so that your guests can know what they’re drinking.

2.  Include the Teenagers:  If you expect many teenagers among your guests, why not set up a special area at the reception just for them?  Video games, such as Wii and Xbox, are likely the best bet when it comes to entertaining teenagers.  You could also ask someone in the wedding party to do a little research and find out what your teenaged guests most enjoy — then surprise them with it at the reception.

3.  Fun for Children:  If you are having children at your wedding, here’s an especially cute idea:

If you’re inviting little ones, ask them to bring a ‘plus one’ in the form of their favorite cuddly toy. Arrange for a toy table with some spare place cards where they can write who’s joining them (Jenny the bear, Louise the doll) — then sit back and watch them create their own little party.

4.  Fun and Games:  Include a few organized games at the reception.  Whether it’s a cake tasting, a faux-money casino, or even your own version of “Wheel of Fortune” or “Minute to Win It” — “invent a competition that reflects you as a couple, and give a bottle of wine or a rosette to the winner.”

5.  Your Guests’ Favorite Music:  Last but not least, our absolute favorite here at WeddingBrook:

To guarantee that the dance floor is buzzing all night long, have a little space on your RSVP cards where guests can write their three favorite songs of all time. Collate all these songs on a must-play list for your band or DJ then stand back and watch your guests dance their socks off. Do make sure that the tracks they’ve picked are age appropriate without any rude words, though!

You can read the whole article here at HuffingtonPost.

What do you have planned to entertain your guests?  Our readers are some of the most creative people we know!  Share your ideas with us below.

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