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Top 3 Budget-Busting Wedding Expenses

Be sure to have a backup plan for an outdoor wedding. (Photo credit:  joefutrelle on flickr)

Be sure to have a backup plan for an outdoor wedding.
(Photo credit: joefutrelle on flickr)

Weddings are expensive.  Most couples are astonished by the price tag that comes with their dream wedding.  In addition to the expenses that you are already aware of and have already budgeted for, there may be hidden expenses you didn’t plan on.  Don’t get caught in a financial bind or a money meltdown — here are some money-savvy tips from the experts at IWedPlanner to help you avoid those unexpected costs.  If you want to avoid these stressful surprises, make sure you ask the right questions before you sign any contracts or agreements!

Top 3 Hidden Budget-Busting Wedding Expenses

  1. Alterations – You were measured for that beautiful dress, and the bridal shop ordered the closest thing to your size.  But you will still need to have it altered to get an exact fit.  The bridal salons may charge more than you can afford for alterations, so be sure to ask them about this when buying the dress.  If it costs too much to have the bridal shop alter the gown, then maybe you can find a local seamstress that could get the job done at a more reasonable price.
  2. Tents – if you are planning an outdoor wedding, you really need to have a backup plan.  Many outdoor venues may already have a backup rain plan in place.  If they do, then you won’t risk losing your money in case it rains.  Be sure to ask upfront before you put down an often non-refundable deposit.
  3. Not On Their Vendors List – there are quite a few wedding venues that have a list of vendors they normally work with.  These could be wedding caterers, wedding florists, and wedding photographers.  Some venues will even have a list of preferred wedding DJs.  This is great if you like their vendor list, but what if you want to use a different florist or DJ?  Be sure to find out before you book the venue.  There may be an extra charge if you do not use their people.

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Also remember that if you are booking a honeymoon vacation, then definitely purchase cancellation insurance.  Extreme weather conditions, health issues, and other emergencies could mean cancelling or postponing your honeymoon, and that can be a very expensive financial loss.

What other hidden costs have you encountered?  Share your lessons learned below, and we can all save money together.

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