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The One Wedding Photography Secret You Should Never Forget


Wedding Photography Secret

A recent court case in Australia made a great point:  when hiring a wedding photographer (or any vendor, for that matter) make sure everything that is significant to you is spelled out in detail in the contract.

An Australian court recently put to rest a year-long battle between a newlywed couple, Jarrad and Sheree Mitchell, and their photographer, George Ferris, according to PetaPixel.

The couple claimed that the quality of the photos was sub-par and that Ferris missed many key moments in the wedding, including the first kiss.  Ferris claimed that the “key moments” were difficult to capture and that the couple never gave him a meal while he was working.

The result was basically a lose-lose for everyone because the details were not called out in the contract.  As PetaPixel reports,

“Ferris was ordered to pay $710 in damages for the sub-par photos (of $6400 claimed), and the Mitchells paid out $60 for a meal the photographer never got (of $5700 claimed).”

The moral of this story is pretty simple.  Before you hire any vendor, photographer or otherwise, decide ahead of time what you specifically want from him or her.   Ask yourself:  “Which details of this vendor’s job are must-haves?  Which details would leave me devastated if they were left out?”  For example, do you absolutely need a picture of the first kiss?  Then make sure that those details are called out specifically in the contract.  Take nothing for granted.

This doesn’t mean that you have to become a bridezilla with your vendors.  It just means being a firm, but still gentle and positive, business woman.  It will take some extra work to hammer out the details in your vendor contracts, but it will save you a great deal of frustration — and possible heartache — in the long run.

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