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Look Who Crashes This Soldier’s Wedding

What makes a wedding truly unforgettable?

If you are a long-time reader of WeddingBrook and Sarah’s books, then you already know our answer:

Living in the moment…

…and cherishing your loved ones.

This past weekend, bride and groom Kenya Smith and Max Singer of New Jersey received a truly unforgettable wedding gift, one that put them on the edge of their seats…soaking in every detail…when Taylor Swift walked into their wedding reception and began to sing to them a special acoustic version of her hit song, “Blank Space.”

Occasionally celebrities will crash the weddings of their fans, but this was way more than that.  Taylor Swift went out of her way to make Max and Kenya’s day very personal.

It all began back in April 2016 when Max’ sister, Ali, wrote a heartfelt letter to Ms. Swift.  Max has been a fan of hers for years.  He even wrote his entrance essay to business school about Swift’s album, “1989.”  Ali told Ms. Swift in the letter about Max being a long-time fan.

But the situation was much bigger and more serious than a fan just wanting to meet a celebrity.  In fact, the story was downright heartbreaking.

According to People and Billboard, Max and Kenya already had plans to be married on June 4, 2016.  But by April, Max’ mom was gravely ill and would not be able to live to be part of their wedding day.  Max and Kenya moved up their wedding date and held the wedding in Max’ mom’s hospital, right next to her bed.  Max and his mom were even able to share their mother-son dance together — to Taylor Swift’s latest his single, “Blank Space.”

Even after Max’ mother passed away, Max and Kenya still kept their plans for celebrating their new marriage on June 4, 2016.  And that’s when Max’ sister, Ali, decided to write to Taylor Swift and see if maybe … just maybe … Ms. Swift could come make a surprise appearance at the reception and sing to the young couple.

But Taylor Swift didn’t stop there.  It wasn’t enough to sing for this sweet couple and pose for a few pics.  She brought a handmade card personalized for Max and Kenya with their names, the date, and the lyrics of “Blank Space”:

So it’s gonna be forever.

The card is beautifully painted in watercolors, a priceless keepsake for a beautiful day.

What better way to make the day truly unforgettable?  Taylor Swift gave a piece of herself, not just in her appearance or her gift, but also by being in the moment with the wedding party and their guests.  It was a time to cherish their loved ones, to live in the moment, and to make unforgettable memories for the years ahead.

Twitter and Instagram have been going crazy with pics of the event.  The photos below show the vibrant joy that comes from giving a piece of yourself.

Taylor, you have won our hearts with your heartfelt gifts.

And congratulations, Kenya and Max!  We are so happy for you!!



Third wheel 😂

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Congratulations Max and Kenya!!

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And as a fun reminder to all you Taylor Swift fans out there, here is her video of “Blank Space,” the song she performed privately for Max and Kenya.

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