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Single Bloom Wedding Bouquets Can Save You Money

Beautiful and budget-friendly single-bloom bouquets can ease your wedding expenses (Photo credit:  John-Morgan on flickr)

Beautiful and budget-friendly single-bloom bouquets can help ease your wedding expenses
(Photo credit: John-Morgan on flickr)

Your bridal bouquet and other flowers add a special touch of personal whimsy and grace to your wedding day. However some brides admit in retrospect that they spent more money than they wanted to on flowers for their event. Cutting costs and staying on budget are on every couples minds these days, and saving money on flowers would is a great place to start.

The first thing you may want to consider is using lots of greenery instead of blooms. Pops of color along side lush greens means fewer flowers. Where you do decide to use flowers, try to stick to those that are in season and if possible, locally grown. Another way to save is to select a single bloom bouquet. Many brides love this option because  it so unique and unexpected.

Click here for examples of single bloom bouquets on that won’t cost a fortune.

Luckily for brides planning their wedding, there’s been an uptick in interesting, unique, and affordable bridal flowers and bouquets  that won’t break the bank. And they still look gorgeous! If you’re looking to pinch pennies and save for your dream photographer or your tropical honeymoon, consider these great alternatives to an expensive and elaborate bouquet.

Single-bloom bouquets: They’re all the rage now — and for good reason! We love the simplicity and beauty behind these large flowers. They make a strong statement and add a modern touch for your walk down the aisle.

For a romantic glow in your ceremony and your reception try substituting candles or lanterns in leiu of expensive flowers. Many florists and craft stores stock a selection of elegent table lanterns and other non floral center pieces that could save you even more.



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