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Seasons of Love: Wedding Flowers by Season

You can save money by choosing wedding flowers that are in season. (Photo Credit:  avlxyz on flickr)

You can save money by choosing wedding flowers that are in season.
(Photo Credit: avlxyz on flickr)

Can you imagine a bride walking down the aisle carrying a bouquet of garlic rather than a bouquet of flowers?  Sounds hilarious?  Well, this was the common scene a few centuries ago when people believed that the smell of aromatic herbs and spices such as garlic would drive bad spirits and evil forces away from the wedding and from the marriage.

Today, it’s almost unimaginable to have a wedding without flowers.  They bring in romance and color to the ceremony.  From the bridal bouquet, venue décor, centerpieces, and even the souvenirs, your wedding flowers can definitely stir the overall experience of your guests during your wedding.  More importantly, your choice of flowers can definitely influence your experience of your own wedding.

Just like any other vegetation (for the lack of a better term), flowers are seasonal and highly dependent on weather or climate conditions.  There are floral species that thrive in the warmth of summer or the cold of winter.  On the other hand, there are flowers that bloom all year round.

This is not to say that brides and grooms should base the date of their wedding on the season when their preferred flower choices are abundant.  This just goes to show how the seasonality of some of these floral options will affect how you plan your wedding…or how much you will spend.  While flowers can be shipped in from almost anywhere in the world, you will save a considerable amount of money if you shop locally for seasonal blooms.

In other words, don’t expect to have an inexpensive bouquet made with Lily of the Valley for your winter wedding since it only blooms limitedly in late spring.  If you want to save money on your wedding flower budget, you may have to recalibrate your expectations according to what flowers are available that time of year.

Again, a wedding without flowers is almost unimaginable.  They transform a church, a garden, the beach, or a hotel ballroom into a romantic sanctuary.  Choosing your wedding flowers can seem as daunting as selecting your wedding dress, especially if you are not aware of what flowers are in season.  The following pages give a quick guide and  handy tips for choosing the right blooms for your wedding…whatever season it is.

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Seasons of Love:  Wedding Flowers by Season

Spring Wedding Flowers

Summer Wedding Flowers

Autumn Wedding Flowers

Winter Wedding Flowers

Wedding Flowers Available All Year Long

Love in Full Bloom:  Other Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Flowers

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