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One Last Father-Daughter Dance


Better get your tissues ready.


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Why wait to make memories?

I think it’s every girl’s dream to marry the love of her life, though she always knows in her heart and in her mind nothing can ever replace the #1 spot, which is solely meant for her dad. When she walks down the aisle or when she steps onto that dance floor, she loves to hold on to the first man that has ever loved her—and will do so forever.

It warms and breaks our hearts here at WeddingBrook to hear about Dr. Wolf and his daughter, Rachel.  Rachel is still young, and it may take a while before she decides to settle down.  But for one day, she chose to be a bride all because she loves her father dearly.

Dr. Wolf, her knight in shining armor, is dying.  He suffers from pancreatic cancer and may likely lose his battle within the next few months — he probably can’t be there physically to bring Rachel to the altar, more so dance with her.

And so in one sunny day Rachel dressed up like the blushing, glowing bride she’s going to be, and in a beautiful, peaceful park where all their loved ones gathered, she met her frail father who needed strong doses of medication just to get up and dressed in a crisp tuxedo.  They took their steps toward the gazebo where they danced to the song they knew all too well — a tune that perhaps mirrored the lovely bond they have shared all these years.

The dance was more than just a tribute to their loving relationship.  It’s also the Rachel’s wish that when her real wedding day comes, she can play the video and relive the feeling of dancing with her dad.

It is our prayer that Rachel and her family will remain together and strong as they go through this very tough battle, but it’s also our great joy to know she has experienced one of the best types of love she could ever know — that of a dad and his daughter.

I hope you too will be mesmerized and find the joy of loving through these videos from the Today Show:



Visit NBCNews.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy



Visit NBCNews.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy


Dr. Wolf said it best — that relationships are the most important part of life, and that anything else in our lives is just an illusion.

Cherish the relationships in your life, and go out and make a special memory today.




Photo credit for featured photo:  Jenniferschwalm on flickr.


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