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Burst Training Benefit #4: No Gym Required for Wedding Weight Loss

No Gym Required for Wedding Weight Loss (Photo credit:  Warren Long on flickr)

No Gym Required for Wedding Weight Loss
(Photo credit: Warren Long on flickr)

You Don’t Need Specialized Equipment for Burst Training

One reason why most brides end up cutting their bridal workout short is that they can’t find the time to drive to the gym.  Perhaps you’ve tried going to the gym yourself, only to realize that driving to and from the gym alone takes up too much of your precious time.

Whether the gym is a thirty-minute drive from your home, or right in the same building as your office, it’s probably the first activity that will be scratched out of your list when you’re on crunch time for the wedding.  Other alternatives require specialized equipment as well, such as circuit training or jogging on a treadmill.

Of course you can buy your own equipment, but how practical is that?  You don’t want to buy all that gym equipment in the middle of all the wedding expenses!  And where would you put it?

What you need is an exercise regimen that won’t put an extra dent on your finances and won’t have you going to the gym all the time.  In other words, the ideal workout plan for soon-to-be brides is something that they can do anywhere.

Burst training (also known as HIIT or interval training), for all its variations, won’t require any specialized equipment.  You can do these exercises in your free time — simply change to your workout clothes, and you can start “bursting.”  In fact, there’s even research to suggest that  when undergoing burst training, some equipment can actually bog down your progress and be less effective.

You’ll appreciate burst training the most when you’re terribly pressed for time.  You virtually have no excuse to nix the exercise from your daily schedule, because you can squeeze it in anywhere.  No driving to the gym, no need to buy big, expensive equipment, no need to go somewhere out of your way.  Just settle into a wide space, and you can start.

There is one particular piece of equipment that HAS been shown to work very well for burst training (in fact, it was designed to do so), and it is the X-iser.  It’s small and can go anywhere, and it helps add resistance and versatility to several burst training exercises.  It’s also way cheaper than those big gym machines.  According to fitness expert JJ Virgin,

This is the exercise machine that I have all of my VIP clients get to do their burst training at home and on the road.  It is both durable and lightweight and fits easily into a carry-on.

Another option for bursting equipment is free weights.  They are small, portable, and fairly inexpensive.  Many folks have combined the use of free weights with their workouts on the X-iser — of course, this is for intermediate to advanced burst training afficianados.

Whether you opt for some small and efficient tools like the X-iser and free weights, or if you choose to use only your body weight for burst training — either way works!  The key is the same:  GO FOR IT!

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