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Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher Found Their Platinum Wedding Rings on Etsy for Only $190

Here at WeddingBrook we love, love, LOVE to find ways to help you save money on your wedding while still getting great value too. And we are not alone.

As EOnline puts it,

Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher can’t put a price on love.  That said, neither actor was willing to spend a fortune on their wedding bands, either.

When Mila Kunis recently appeared on TBS’ Conan, show host Conan O’Brien complimented her on her lovely wedding ring.  It is a simple, thin, platinum band, a true statement of “less is more.”

Conan O’Brien praised her subtle bling. ‘It’s not showy,’ the host told Mila. ‘It’s not, like, incredibly flashy, which I think is cool.’

Mila thanked him and, to her own surprise, decided to share some details.  ‘I can’t believe that I’m telling anybody this story. So, my husband and I got married a little while ago. He got me a beautiful engagement ring. Like, stunning, stunning, stunning!’ the 32-year-old actress gushed. ‘But for our wedding bands—for when we got married—I decided to just get them off of Etsy.’

We commend Mila and Ashton on their common sense!  If you haven’t checked out Etsy yet — or even if you have — go see what other kinds of wedding bargains and one-of-a-kind finds are available for you there.  Just one word of warning, though:  browsing on Etsy can be addictive!

You can watch Mila’s entire interview here:



Post curated from http://www.eonline.com/news/783378/mila-kunis-and-ashton-kutcher-bought-wedding-rings-on-etsy-for-190

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