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Kim Kardashian Spends $500,000 on Wedding Planner

Kim Kardashian Spends $500,000 on Wedding Planner

Yes, weddings are expensive, but maybe these figures will make your wedding budget feel more manageable…and make your head sping too!

Perez Hilton reports that Kim Kardashian’s wedding dress cost $8.5 million, with real pearls and white diamonds.

Kim and her hubby-to-be Kayne West have spent $500,000 on just the wedding planner alone.

And what’s the total for the entire wedding expected to be?  They will probably drop a huge $20 million for the whole affair.

Let’s just hope this one lasts longer than the 72-day adventure with Kris Humphries.


Photo courtesy of © Glenn Francis, www.PacificProDigital.com



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