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How Much Does Wedding Insurance Cost?

Wedding Insurance should cover your florist as well as other vendors. (Photo Credit:  Lori Photography on

Wedding Insurance should cover your florist as well as other vendors.
(Photo Credit: Lori Photography on

The price of wedding insurance largely varies depending on what it covers and how much the cost of a wedding is. Usually, for around $155, the insurance policy will cover the loss of photos, videos, presents, rings, and the attire.  There’s also a general liability insurance which will insure for as much as $1,000,000 for accidents; this type costs around $185. For a $25,000 wedding, the premium should be around $320 to $420.

Another factor that varies the price of the premium is the coverage. It can reach as high as $1,000 if you’re going to include personal liability and alcohol liability.

This may sound like a big price to pay for peace of mind, so let’s put things in perspective. The average cost of a wedding is around $25,000—around the same price of a car. You wouldn’t get a car without insuring it, would you? However, unlike getting a new auto, a wedding will only cover an entire day in your life, so you should find out what the nuances of the policy are before getting one.

The cost will also depend on whether you’re getting a standalone wedding insurance policy or you’re attaching it to any existing insurance you already have. If you already have home or life insurance, you might want to check with your insurer to see if they extend their coverage to wedding insurance. Not only will this speed up the application process, extensions to your existing insurance policy are also generally cheaper.

At the end of the day, the price will depend on how much the insurer will ask for it. Be sure to compare quotes and ask around. You don’t want to pay twice as much for the same coverage from another company, do you? At a time when price is definitely a huge concern, you need to shop around and make smart, informed choices.

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