Epic Save-the-Date Video

With all the technology at our disposal these days — internet, smart phones, tablets — is it fair to keep using snail mail for wedding invitations?

There’s a vintage charm to paper wedding invitations.  And some people, especially older generations, simply do not use modern technology.  Even some younger folks prefer the look and feel of traditional invitations.

But as technology continues to advance, “traditions” are likely to advance with it.  More and more couples are choosing to use electronic invitations, and some are producing really beautiful video invitations.

Check out this save-the-date video about Jeff and Erin’s wedding in 2010.  It’s a parody of typical movie trailers, with just about every possible movie cliche imaginable.  In a nutshell, it’s downright epic!



The question comes to mind — how did they do it?  How did they come up with something so creative?

Well, wherever they found the inspiration and creativity, bravo and congrats to Jeff and Erin!  And thank you both for sharing your video with the rest of us.

Have you found some video invitations that you really love?  Share them with us, and we’ll be glad to post them here on WeddingBrook.  Let us know in the comments below.



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