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Don’t Miss These 4 Important Details About Wedding Insurance

Wedding Insurance can cover destination weddings too. (Photo Credit:  Grand Velas Riviera Maya on

Wedding Insurance can cover destination weddings too.
(Photo Credit: Grand Velas Riviera Maya on

Before you buy any wedding insurance, be sure to consider these 4 details:

  1. A good insurance policy will protect all your investment. More than being affordable and reliable, the measure of what a good policy is largely depends on the coverage. It must protect your investment in the wedding. From reimbursing stolen gifts to covering hospital expenses for a bride who breaks her leg walking down the aisle, the policy must protect pretty much anything that can go wrong.
  2. The specifics matter. Before paying the premium, you should get a good grasp of what’s in the policy, as everything depends on it. The company might promise to insure against stolen rings or damaged clothing, but are you sure there’s no “catch”? It may be time-consuming, but any smart buyer would look at the policy to make sure they understand the conditions, even the fine print. After all, once you pay the premium and get the policy, you’re considered to have read and agreed to all the terms and conditions in it.
  3. Don’t have unreasonable expectations about the wedding insurance. While the insurance will get back your expenses, it will not by any stretch of imagination fully cover up for that once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. You may get back the check for the postponed wedding, but this doesn’t mean the rescheduled wedding will recreate itself without any effort on your part. Wedding insurance protects your financial investment, but it won’t do the wedding planning for you.
  4. Pay attention to the deadline. An insurance policy will have a deadline as to when you can make a claim, depending on the nature. For instance, some companies will require you to make a claim within 24 hours after a gift is stolen. Beyond that time, your policy will no longer cover any stolen gifts. Know what you have to do whenever a specific insurable event occurs — otherwise, your claim gets barred for not meeting the deadline or for not complying with the conditions. 

What else makes for a good wedding insurance policy?  What details matter to you?  Let us know in the comments below.

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