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Don’t Forget These 4 Things When Buying Wedding Insurance


Wedding Insurance should cover your videographer and other vendors.
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Ordinarily, the wedding insurance will not cover certain events like the death of relatives or hospitalization of either the bride or the groom.  But you can sometimes add an option to extend the coverage to certain things. If you’re willing to pay a little extra, here are some other things that you might want to get insurance for.

1. Videographer. If the final videotape product ends up damaged or the file won’t work, the policy is usually going to pay an amount to have the video montage recreated or have a video compilation of photographs of the wedding. Another possibility is to have an entire restaging of the entire video.  This, however, might be a bit unnecessary considering the advancement of technology and the remote possibility that a file will even get damaged without a backup from the videographer.

2. Personal Liability. For those who truly believe that the worst that can happen will happen, a personal liability might be exactly what you need to calm your mind. Liability insurance will cover property damage, bodily injury, or any injuries to guests at the location of your wedding.

3. Liquor Liability. Another optional coverage not commonly found in insurance policies, the liquor liability coverage will protect you and your family members from any alcohol-related incidents. For instance, if an intoxicated guest causes an accident, the coverage can protect you up to the liability limited stated in the policy.

4. Change of Heart. I did mention that a change of heart or cold feet is not typically covered by wedding insurance. There are, however, a few companies that are willing to insure this. While it might be a bit pessimistic to include this in the coverage, you still never know what’s going to happen. For those who really want to protect their investment, you might want to extend the coverage to include a change of heart.

These are some of the add-ons that you might want to add to your wedding insurance.  Of course, you need to talk to the insurance company to know whether they will cover these add-ons.

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