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Chrissy Teigen Vows NOT To Become a Bridezilla

Model Chrissy Teigen is busy planning her wedding these days.  She and singer John Legend will marry this fall.

Chrissy sounds very calm and thrilled as she talks in the video below about her wedding plans.  She says she and her fiance have full trust in their wedding planner, and she has no intention of becoming a bridezilla.

Chrissy says she LOVES all the wedding shows.  She says about watching those shows:

I think that has taught me to NOT be insane at all.

She certainly looks radiant as she talks about her fiance and the wedding.  No doubt Chrissy will look fabulous in her wedding dress.



What most strikes us about Chrissy’s attitude is that she is totally on top of all the wedding planning, but not stressing over it at all.  Brava, Chrissy!

Perhaps it’s because she has a wedding planner to handle the details, and that lets Chrissy herself focus on the major decisions.

Or perhaps she has a perspective that says, “Don’t sweat the small stuff.”

Maybe Chrissy is just well accustomed to stress and how to handle it.

Whatever the reasons, Chrissy is handling the wedding planning stress like a pro!

Our heartiest WeddingBrook congratulations go out to Chrissy and John!

Do you think most brides today are this calm and confident about their own wedding plans?  Leave us a comment to give us your own ideas.




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