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Burst Training Resources for Busy Brides

We’ve covered the myriad of benefits for High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), better known as “burst training.”  It’s an excellent exercise program that will burn fat, build muscle and stamina, improve heart health, increase metabolism, and help you lose weight quickly for your big day.

All that sounds great, but HOW DO YOU DO IT?

Well here are some resources to help you start your own wedding workout with burst training.

JJ Virgin is a fitness and weight loss expert who specializes in burst training.  In this video she explains what burst training is, how to do it, and how much you need to be “bursting” each week:



Did you notice the three criteria for exercise?  It must make you out of breath.  It must make you sweaty.  And it has to hurt a little bit.  In other words, this is going to take some work. The following are some programs to help you stay on track with your HIIT workouts.



Just4Minutes is a new exercise program that literally takes you just four minutes.  In this program, you actually get in 8 bursts of exercise during the four minutes.  Be sure to add a short warm up and cool down before and after your short 4-minute workout.


PACE Express by Dr. Al Sears

PACE Express by Dr. Al Sears

PACE Express is a program that has been available for several years.  It was put together by Dr. Al Sears long before HIIT became as popular as it is today.  In fact, Dr. Sears is one of the forerunners in the HIIT movement.    He seriously knows what he’s talking about.



JJ Virgin

JJ Virgin

And finally, JJ Virgin (from the video above) has several fitness and nutrition programs, including a Fast Fat Loss Package.  It covers everything from nutrition to burst training.  JJ Virgin is an expert in nutrition and weight loss, and she knows what’s she’s talking about.  Also, her approach — especially to burst training — is very practical.





Any one of these programs will work wonders.  The trick is to “just do it,” as Nike says.

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Burst Training Resources for Busy Brides

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