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Best Wedding Dress for Your Body Type: Straight-Figure Brides

Tips for Straight-Figure Brides

RectangleBodyTypeDoes this describe you?  Do you feel like your body didn’t get the memo when the universe decided to handout curves – and that Beyonce and J.Lo got more than their fair share?

Well do not despair!  Straight-figured women are not at a disadvantage at all. Hollywood hotties including Nicole Kidman, Cameron Diaz and Hilary Duff belong to this category.

Straight-figured brides may find it more challenging to find a wedding dress because of their waist line. But you can still look absolutely fab on your wedding day.

If you have a rectangular or straight body type, then your main mission when hunting for a wedding dress is to create the illusion of curves. The empire dress was created with straight-figured women in mind. Another great alternative is a ball gown that cinches your waist and flares into a full skirt will hide the fact that you’re lacking in the hip department. Curved side seams will also give the illusion of a fuller silhouette. Another trick is to wear a lace-up corset bodice to bring the waist in and create more definition.

When it comes to the neckline, don’t choose anything that goes above the collar bone as this will shorten your upper torso. Scoop and sweetheart necklines will create more curves. If you happen to be flat chested, a bodice with some ruching (gathered fabric) can help, and you can compensate for your lack of “boob appeal” with a dramatic back detail or a high slit to flaunt your legs.

Aside from empire dresses, A-line and princess dresses will also give you the feminine charm to offset an otherwise somewhat boyish figure. Pleating or gathering fabrics asymmetrically at the front will help give you a fuller figure. Ruching at the midsection will also create the illusion of curves. Choose dresses with angled details to create more dimensions and make you look curvier.

If you’re looking for something to mimic, check out Nicole Kidman’s Oscars 2011 look by Dior. An embellished bodice and structured skirt create the illusion of a defined waistline and fuller hips.

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