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Bad Wedding Gifts: What’s The Worst Wedding Gift You’ve Heard Of?

Bad wedding gifts.  We’ve all heard the stories.  What’s the worst wedding gift you’ve ever heard of?

Now that I (HelenMarie) am writing regularly here on … I thought I’d check out lots of different resources about weddings because I want to bring you fresh, useful, and fun stories to help you plan your wedding.

So I checked out Reddit.  And you know what?

Yesterday a Reddit user called Decyde asked the question – “what’s the worst gift you were given at your wedding“.

As you can imagine, a flood of bad wedding gift stories poured in.

Here’s my selection of the worst.

Bad Wedding Gifts

A Vandalized Photo 

“We just asked for gift cards so we could work on our new house so there was no “worst gift”. On the gift table though there was a portrait of my wife and I with a big white border around it for people to sign… and someone blacked out my teeth with a sharpee.”

A Pile Of Nickels

“Not the worst, but my friend gave us $100 cash. All in nickels.”

Weird Wealthy Uncle Presents

My husband’s wealthy uncle gave us a used coffee thermos and a yellow bath towel. Very strange. We found out years later that he gave my husband’s brother the same thing at his wedding 6 months after ours.”

Another Weird Uncle With Bad Sense Of Humor

My uncle got us a book on how to deal with divorce. He was the only one who thought it was funny.”

Bouncy Gifts – Minus $35.00

A check that bounced, so it was a gift of -$35


The Ultimate Guide to Getting it On with a note explaining it was to help us out in case we “didn’t know what to do.”

At least get the name right

I’ve posted this before, but my sister got my husband and I (atheists) a bible. She spelled my first name wrong in the inside cover.

Creepy Friend With Handcuffs

Friend got my wife a pair of handcuffs and a small vibrator in a multi-colored package that called it “LifeSaver” (a pun on the candy). He thought it was hilarious, my wife has never felt comfortable around him since.

Cheap Gift, Bad Joke

An empty box with a note inside that said “Wear this on your wedding night.”

 Passive Aggressive Friend

My wife’s friend bought us an ashtray even though she knew we both weren’t smokers.

What? No Oil Change?

We were given a knife set that came free with an oil change.


A hat box (pink and orange paisley pattern with fuzzy balls on the borders.) Inside was a thick heavy family bible, three pocket bibles, a sun catcher, two cans of salmon and an incomplete set of drinking glasses.

Seinfeild Style Re-gifting – Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Obviously re-gifted non-functioning clock in a ripped-up box.

What Do You Think The Hotel Clerk Thought Of The Dollar Bills?

My brother got my wife and me a really nice hotel suite for our wedding night as his gift to us. At the end of the reception, my wife and I went to the hotel, both exhausted from the whole day. Walked to the front desk to check in… brother’s credit card was declined. My credit card was maxed from paying for last minute wedding expenses. Thankfully, my wife raked in mad cash during the dollar dance. Paid for it in mostly ones.

A Jar?

A giant jar. Just a jar.

Even WalMart charges a little for their stuff

Wal*mart gift card with no money on it.

Bad Wedding Gifts Bonus Video – Great Wedding Dance

Here at we like to keep things positive, so let’s end up with a really great wedding dance.

It will help clear your mind of all those bizarre and bad wedding gifts.

I saw this 3 years ago.. and it’s still fun, funny, and really shows the joys of a great wedding!


Bad Wedding Gifts Conclusion:

Did you think this bad wedding gifts list from Reddit was funny? I think we can all laugh at bad wedding gifts once a little time has passed, but a really bad wedding gift can feel hurtful and cruel during the stress of your actual wedding day.

If you have heard (or recieved) a really bad wedding gift, please tell us about it in the comments below.


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