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Are Martha Stewart’s Wedding Tips A Little Out of Date?

Martha Stewart (Photo credit:  Wikipedia)

Martha Stewart
(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Are Martha Stewart’s wedding tips a little out of date? I like Martha Stewart and while I think her blog in the Huffington Post is well written and informative, in this case she may have done less than spectacular job of connecting with modern trends. There were a couple of comments about this article that criticized Martha for being out of date with her wedding planning tips and advice.

It may not show it in the first article but Martha’s no stranger to modern trends and she handles them with the same practical, elegant approach. For example I’ve also pulled a great article about how Martha recently hosted a same-sex wedding on her own estate in Bedford NY. What do you think? Is Martha really out of touch or just so awesome that some people don’t understand her?

Are Martha Stewart’s Wedding Tips a Little Out of Date?

 Perhaps this is a bit dated:

Buy a wedding planning book, or create one in a three-ring binder or accordion folder, or just set aside a section in your daily planner. Make sure you include a section for filing away inspirations from magazines or old family photographs and one for recording the names and phone numbers of vendors and their references.

In reality most couples will access and store and share information on a tablet or other mobile device. Binders and planners are still used but not as much.

However, I think this is timeless advice everyone can appreciate…

Of your many tasks, the one that matters most is to enjoy being the bride. To allow yourself this pleasure, you’ll need to master the gentle art of delegating. Remember: Though some people, such as members of your wedding party, know they are expected to help you plan, you still want to use tact and grace when asking for and accepting help.

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Ultimately I think Martha does a great job of integrating new wedding trends and modern tools into her party planning. She even recently hosted a same -sex wedding at her estate in Bedford NY. She approached the event with dignity and always treated  those concerned with love and respect. Every event is a learning experience and I’m sure Martha learned a lot from this one as well.

A Fairy Tale Same-Sex Wedding

“Martha’s team just took charge and presented us with a raft of services from awesome wedding planners and caterers to bakers and beauticians,” says Herbert. Long amusingly remembers that when the couple admitted to Stewart’s people that their favorite colors were orange and purple “they laughingly announced, ‘we’ll be handling the design from here!’ ”

The final color scheme was a complimentary combination of deep, woody browns, sunny forest greens, and wintery whites that reflected the couple’s Colorado connection. Invitations utilized these shades and when a guest opened the envelope, a tiny Aspen leaf would drop out and land in the recipient’s lap.

On the evening before the wedding, Long’s family dashed in from Oklahoma and Maryland. “A bunch of Indians in a van,” laughed Long. His family bunked at Stewart’s compound and the next morning, she prepared everyone a meal. “One day they were leaving the country in the south and the next day they were having breakfast in New York cooked by a celebrity chief!”

There were personal details incorporated into the ceremony and throughout the celebration. Here are some luscious details on the festivities at Martha’s estate.

The ceremony was officiated by a friend of the couple, Dorothy Byrne. Long’s cousin, John, provided a traditional “smudging” ceremony of the Creek Tribe. Stewart gave a congratulatory speech in which she made reference to the historic Katonah Indians who populated the area where the ceremony took place. The couple’s mothers, Laura Herbert Plimpton and Stella Long, stood at their sons’ sides as Stewart cited the spiritual presence of the men’s deceased fathers. Stewart also joked about her nephew’s precocious attitude as a child. Herbert, she noted, was always searching and learning. A 1920s-style jazz band set the tone for a pitch-perfect reception. The celebration was an outdoor picnic and the sun shined as if it was ordered from a catalogue. Guests sipped on Chateau St. Jean wine, pear ginger-tinis, pomegranate-blueberry punch, and green apple sours in wicker chairs under tents, and lounged on blankets accompanied by baskets filled with apples and white pumpkins on the grass.

A buffet offered a smorgasbord of treats such as marinated hangar steak, herb and cheese flatbreads, sliced soppressata, and green zebra, orange, red, and yellow tomatoes. For dessert, a symbol of Long and Herbert’s new union was presented in the form of chocolate, vanilla, and marble square butter creme cakes. When the party ended, each guest left with a box that was marked with a T and a C (for Tim and Christopher), which was filled with assorted teas and vanilla-lemon-creme cookies. The event was the first wedding and the first same-sex celebration at Stewart’s estate. “It’s the nicest possible use of the house that we could think of,” said Stewart in Herbert and Long’s wedding video.

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Love is in the air! It’s springtime and the season for all kinds of milestone events like weddings, engagements, and graduations.  If you’re planning an event and feeling overwhelmed, remember to ask nicely for help and delegate with care.  Your special day may not be on Martha’s front lawn but you can achieve the same lasting memories that you and your guests deserve.  And as for Martha’s wedding tips being slightly out of date, give me a break!



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