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A Unique Way to Preserve Your Wedding Bouquet

After your wedding day has come and gone, it will remain etched in your heart and mind forever.  The flowers.  The smiles and tears.  The feel of that day.  But what will you keep to enjoy everyday that will help you remember the beautiful details of the event?  Photos — most definitely, though not necessarily what would be considered “heirlooms.”  The cake topper — a fun and tasty idea for the romantic first anniversary, but never as appetizing after a year in the freezer as it was on the big day.  Your dress — to be preserved and handed down to the next generation…hopefully.

What about your bridal bouquet?  Is there a way to preserve the bouquet, to keep it looking just as fresh and breathtaking as the moment you carried it down the aisle?  Sadly, most wedding bouquets, even preserved, just do not last more than a few years.

But what if you could toss your wedding bouquet and still turn it into a true family heirloom?  Yes, there is a way to do just that.  Check out the video below:



Loreen Hospodar of can create a gorgeous, artistic oil painting of your bouquet in all its glory.  As Loreen explains in BrideBox,

“There aren’t many keepsakes to view day in and day out as a reminder of a wedding without looking like a tacky shrine. The one that always gets me is the dead, dried out bouquet under a glass dome. These flowers that have been agonized over for their color and style are now a dust collector. What if you could keep your flowers as they were on your wedding day and have them displayed on a daily basis with tactful care and artistry? Would you toss the bouquet?”

Loreen works from high resolution photos of your bouquet as well as information provided by your florist to capture the essence of your bouquet’s floral artistry.  She compiles the photos into several possible compositions for the bride to choose from.  Once the composition is chosen, it takes about 3-8 weeks to complete the oil painting.  The finished product is a stunning heirloom that will last for generations.

This type of bouquet preservation may cost more than others, but you definitely get what you pay for.  Prices start at $1200 for a 16″x20″ painting.  Plus, Loreen offers gift registry for family and friends to help contribute online toward the cost of the painting.  Instead of another blender, your loved ones can give you a timeless piece of art for your empty walls!


For more information about Loreen and her process, be sure to check out

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