7 Choices for Wedding Invitation Printing: Letterpress Printing

Wedding Invitation Printing -- Letterpress Printing (Photo Credit:  Glenn Fleishman on flickr)

Wedding Invitation Printing — Letterpress Printing
(Photo Credit: Glenn Fleishman on flickr)

Considered old-fashioned and classic, letterpress is quickly gaining popularity in elite weddings.  Letterpress printing gives that vintage yet playful feel in formal wedding invitations.  The appeal of letterpress printing is in its texture and elegant design.

You will want to wait for two weeks to two months for this type of wedding invitation printing.  It all depends on the stationer, so you best choose ahead of time.

Technique:  The letterpress printer pushes a metal plate with letters or the design onto the paper, creating an indention on the surface of the paper and a protrusion at the back.  What is left behind in the paper is the design or the lettering.

Appearance:  Letterpress printing, compared to engraving, has an indented front with a raised back.

Works Best When:

  • Soft, bulky paper works best with letterpress printing on wedding invitations.  There are quite a number of non-conventional paper types of this kind, like bamboo paper or cotton fiber.
  • You should best stay away from thin paper, as the ink will appear dull and may not achieve the desired effect that you want.
  • If you are going for a classic wedding with a vintage twist, letterpress printing is the perfect complement.

Ink Recommendations:

  • Try to stick to two ink colors for budget and time purposes.  Each color requires a separate metal plate.  If you go beyond two colors, you will most likely wait for a longer time as more than two separate printing sessions will be required.
  • Choose complementary colors that are light, if you’re going for dark paper.  In contrast, if you’re going for a lighter paper, choose two darker shades that are complementary.
  • You can use letterpress printing for the lettering or the design of your paper.  It’s advisable for you to choose only one of the two, so you can contrast the other printing type with the letterpress.

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7 Choices for Wedding Invitation Printing:  Intro



Digital Printing

Offset Printing

Foil Stamping


Letterpress Printing

What Will You Choose?


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