7 Choices for Wedding Invitation Printing: Foil Stamping

Wedding Invitation Printing -- Foil Stamping (Photo Credit:  Debs on flickr)

Wedding Invitation Printing — Foil Stamping
(Photo Credit: Debs on flickr)

Foil stamping is quite the rage these days.  With its playful look, foil stamping manages to still portray a classic style.  This is also the perfect wedding invitation printing choice if your wedding color scheme has a metallic color.

Technique:  The text is etched into a copper plate using a film negative.  The heated copper plate is then stamped onto the paper through a special foil — making the text on the copper plate stick to the surface of the paper through the foil.  The procedure is similar to that of lithography; the distinction lies in the use of the foil in foil stamping.

Appearance:  The use of the heated copper plate onto the foil creates a dramatic effect, where only the metallic design from the foil is left behind.

Works Best When:

  • The pricing for foil stamping is comparable to engraving; sometimes, it can even be more expensive.  It is also one of the most versatile — it can be used for luxurious invitations and likewise for laid back weddings.
  • Foil stamping blends well with heavy textured paper.  However, you might want to use this in moderation, because too much of it can be hard to read.  It is best used for borders and embellishments in the invitation.
  • Take note that this technique can take quite some time.  While it usually takes just 10 days, as long as two months can last if the stationer sends it to a specialist in foiling.

Ink Recommendations:

  • It doesn’t actually use ink, but you can use foils of different colors, with silver and white as the popular choices.  Also keep in mind:  less is more.
  • The color of the foil should complement the paper.  A lighter foil shade works best with dark paper.

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7 Choices for Wedding Invitation Printing:  Intro



Digital Printing

Offset Printing

Foil Stamping


Letterpress Printing

What Will You Choose?

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