7 Choices for Wedding Invitation Printing: Engraving

Wedding Invitation Printing -- Engraving (Photo Credit:  2bsquared designs on flickr)

Wedding Invitation Printing — Engraving
(Photo Credit: 2bsquared designs on flickr)

Engraving is one of the most traditional methods of wedding invitation printing, dating back to as early as the 17th century.  It’s also the most expensive, making it one of the most glamorous printing methods.  In fact, even the Queen herself used engraving in the Royal wedding invitation.

Technique:  The text is first on a steel or copper plate.  The plate is then coated with ink, wiping it off only to leave some on the indentation.  The paper is then fed to the machine, and pressure is applied to the back of the sheet as the front meets the plate.

Appearance:  The “sandwich effect” on the paper raises the letters on the front, while the back of the invite is “bruised” or indented.  Engraving gives a classy and highly formal look to the invitation.  Sometimes you even get to keep the copper plate emblazoned with the invitation print!  You can easily ask for it as a souvenir of the wedding invitation from the printer.

Works Best When:

  • Only thick paper can withstand the pressure of the engraving technique.  Cotton fiber, or any soft, high-quality paper will do.
  • You can use colored paper, to give a sense of vibrancy and to complement the usually black ink used for engraving.

Ink Recommendations:

  • Because the beauty of engraving speaks for itself, you don’t really have to use any other ink color other than black.  There’s also a practical side to using just one ink color:  using multiple colors will require separate copper plates and, therefore, more expense.
  • As for the shade of black, you can use a lighter shade of black.  The black used for engraving is very thick, so even if you use a light shade on a dark paper, the engraving will still be very much apparent.

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7 Choices for Wedding Invitation Printing:  Intro



Digital Printing

Offset Printing

Foil Stamping


Letterpress Printing

What Will You Choose?



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