7 Choices for Wedding Invitation Printing: Embossing

Wedding Invitation Printing -- Embossing (Photo Credit:  sakwitnij on flickr)

Wedding Invitation Printing — Embossing
(Photo Credit: sakwitnij on flickr)

Embossing is similar to engraving — except that it doesn’t use ink, which is why it is also called blind embossing.  Because of its sheer convenience, most couples have embossing done in their wedding invitations in one way or another.

Technique:  Embossing makes use of two metal plates pressed onto both sides of the paper, to create an impression on the paper without ink.  Although you can ask for a printer to emboss on the wedding invitation, you can do this yourself by buying a small embosser for generic designs on the invitation.

Appearance:  Like engraving, the characters at the front surfaces while the back has an indented surface. This will give a 3-dimensional look to the invitation.

Works Best When:

  • It is best used for paper with thicker quality, like cotton fiber.  This will give the paper a more refined and crisp look.  The embossed print will look more pronounced on thinner paper, but it might grab too much attention and look out of place.
  • Embossing is not advisable for text, but perfect for borders, motifs, insignias, return address, and monograms.  It will add that extra touch of elegance on an otherwise flat invitation.
  • If you’re looking for simplicity in the wedding invitation but not that much simplicity, embossing is a great way to add a little flavor to the invitation.  Take note that it can take a while before embossing can be done on the invitation — generally around the same time as in engraving.

Ink Recommendations:

  • Embossing doesn’t ordinarily use ink, but using colored ink over the embossed print is not unheard of.  This, however, may limit the flexibility of the wedding invitation, and effectively restrain you from using other printing techniques more appropriate for written text.

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7 Choices for Wedding Invitation Printing:  Intro



Digital Printing

Offset Printing

Foil Stamping


Letterpress Printing

What Will You Choose?

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