7 Choices for Wedding Invitation Printing: Digital Printing

Wedding Invitation Printing -- Digital Printing (Photo Credit:  2bsquared designs on flickr)

Wedding Invitation Printing — Digital Printing
(Photo Credit: 2bsquared designs on flickr)

Thanks to the advancements in printing technology, digital printing has become a more than acceptable way of wedding invitation printing.  Huge offset presses are now being replaced by high quality, high resolution digital printers from all over the world.  In fact, if you are confident about the quality of your own home laser (or even inkjet) printer, you might want to print your wedding invitations yourself.

Technique:  High resolution and high quality prints are rendered from digitally-rendered files in the computer sent directly to the printer, without altering the image quality.  Thousands of dots are projected by the printer collectively in order to form the image and the letter on the paper.  These prints may be easily reproduced whether a professional printer or a home laser or inkjet printer is used.

Appearance:  The appearance of a digitally printed wedding invitation is similar to what you would see on most digital printouts.  The quality will depend on what printer and ink are used.  However, the problem posed by using a personal printer at home is the fading of the quality or the smudging of the ink.

Works Best When:

  • Digital printing is best for a casual and laid back invitation that is filled with vibrant colors.  If you are on a tight budget, you can opt for digital printing.
  • Smooth paper with light texture works best with digital printing.  In wedding invitations with digital printing, the focus is not so much in the quality of the paper as it is in the quality of the digital print.


  • As digital printing is for more casual wedding invitations, you can play around with the colors and choose a combination that you’re comfortable with.

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7 Choices for Wedding Invitation Printing:  Intro



Digital Printing

Offset Printing

Foil Stamping


Letterpress Printing

What Will You Choose?

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