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6 Tips for Choosing Wedding Favors

Wedding Favors

What sort of wedding favors will you choose?
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How do you create a beautiful and lasting impression of your wedding that the guests will remember for the rest of their lives?  That’s what wedding favors are for—a token of gratitude to your guests who shared a special day in your newly wedded life.  Given its symbolic meaning, choosing the perfect wedding favors can be pretty daunting.

With these six tips, we believe that you can channel all your creativity and ideas, and come up with a wedding favor your guests will remember your wedding by.

1.  Relate the wedding favor to the party theme

The best place to start is the wedding theme.  Will your wedding be held in a beach?  Then you might want to give out decorated seashells, and other beach-themed favors.  If you’re going for a winter wonderland, a snow globe will surely elicit glowing remarks.  If the wedding is all about celebrating you and your partner’s love for music, you might want to give a CD or a flash drive of your favorite music.

2.  Put in a local twist

Whether you’re celebrating the wedding in the South or sending your friends over to the city, the wedding favor can serve as a reminder of their visit to where your ceremony was held.  You will find that there are many local stores offering amazing wedding favors that center around your theme!

3.  Be in season

Weddings these days are celebrated summer through winter — a fact that you might want to use to your benefit.  If you’re having a spring wedding, there are unique spring accessories that can make for great wedding favors.  For weddings on a summer, you can give out hats or sunglasses to your guests.

4.  Make your wedding favors multipurpose

The wedding favors can also serve as the guests’ escort cards, where their names and table numbers are indicated.  If, for example, you’re giving them a wine bottle, you can include a tag designating their table numbers.  There are many creative ways of combining the wedding favor and escort card in one neat package.

5.  Err on the side of philanthropy

You can’t go wrong with wedding favors that contribute to a worthy cause on their behalf.  Your wedding favor to them can be a donation to a charity of their choice, be it a cancer research institute or an animal shelter.

6. Get personal

The wedding favor is supposed to be a timeless reminder of your wedding, so you better make it unforgettable!  Don’t hesitate to include something unique about the wedding or about you and your fiancé—a favorite quote, a quick note, maybe even a brief personalized message that tugs at the heartstrings.

What type of wedding favors will you choose?  Or will you choose to leave out the favors in order to same some money?  Leave a comment below, and be sure to tell us about your own wedding plans!

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